Monday, 14 November 2016

Why do movies need ratings ???

Why do movies need ratings??

Movies have ratings because the people that made the movies want to know how many people like and dislike their movie. It is so what they need to work on next time. Another rating is when they have ratings for what little kids and older people should watch but little kids just watch inappropriate movies anyways. The reason why movies have ratings is because they have violence and inappropriate scenes that is bad for little kids.

I think bad language is bad because it is a bad influence to little kids. If little kids find out about bad language they will grow up swearing and not going anywhere with their life if they swear all the time. In some movies they have bad language that makes the kids interested cause of the bad language.

I think teachers should punish kids for swearing because swearing isn’t a good thing. Swearing is bad and it won’t take you anywhere in life , it will get you into trouble in school and swearing is a thing that won’t take you anywhere except staying at home with nothing when you are older. In movies they have bad scene well it is mainly swearing which is bad for kids that is watching movies that have swearing in it.

There is one person that I know that has watch inappropriate movie was my friend Nita, she has watch a movie but without sexually scences. She said there was lots of swearing and it wasn’t good.

I kinda don’t swear but I only swear sometimes but not all the time.

WALT: Reflect on an article that we read involving movies. 

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