Monday, 14 November 2016


WALA: The earthquake that happened in New Zealand.

Today room 9 is writing about the earthquake in New Zealand. The earthquake in New Zealand is all over the news and we had to pick one news to read about from NZ Herald. I picked the article that’s about John Key getting lots of phone calls leaders all around the world. John Key had one attempt call the President elect Donald Trump. World leaders have been contacting John Key following about the earthquakes happening in New Zealand. Key has been talking to Newshub about how it is so important to try and stop the earthquakes impacting on the tourism industry

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  1. Hi Irys I really liked how you reflected on the earthquake happening in New Zealand. I liked it how you wrote about how John Key had lots of phone calls from many more world leaders checking up on the earthquake that's just recently happened.

    Keep up the good work!