Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Is Sports Sexist ??

Is Sports Sexist ??

In rugby the captain of the all blacks team is Kieran Read. Kieran read is 31 years old and is the captain of all blacks. The all blacks team’s New Zealand’s national rugby union. The captain of the  black Ferns is Fiao’o Fa’amausili and now she is a police officer.

The most popular sport in my family is Netball, well rugby and netball because in my dad’s  side it is rugby and on my mums side it is netball.  Rugby is a popular sport in my dad’s family because they have been playing it since they were little. On my mum’s side it is netball because they have been playing it since they were teenagers. I enjoy both sports but i am mainly into netball. My dad is famous for playing rugby in my family because he plays for a club and my mum used to be famous for playing rugby in my family but she stopped playing. We watch these sports on tv.

Sexism means when someone or a group is stereotyping and typically against female.

I am not to sure if there is any sports that are sexist to men only to women because most sports that men play aren’t really sexist.

There are sports in the world but some sports are sexist to women. Football is a sexist towards females because many females have  been sexually harassed in football. In netball it says that netball must be the world’s most sexist sport because it says that men only go there to see the woman and not learn new skills and all that. There is also sexist in tennis as well and a lot of people have said that sexism in tennis needs to stop . It says that rugby is a sexist sport because they get touched but women or males.

I don’t really think that there is any sexist sports for men because they get touched by men and that is normal for them but when it comes to woman it is a whole different story.

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