Sunday, 27 November 2016

EOTC Week !!

WALT: Reflect on what we did in EOTC.

This is my presentation that I worked with Nita. The whole of last week the year 4 5 & 6 had E.O.T.C while the year 7&8's were
at camp. Although some year 7&8's didn't go so they stayed behind and 
went E.O.T.C as well. E.O.T.C stands for Education Outside The Classroom. E.O.T.C 
is extremely fun and it's a good time to get to know others and getting new friends and 
knowing more about the people around you. My favorite part of E.O.T.C was when we watched 
the movie Secret Life Of Pets. It's my favorite part of E.O.T.C because I get
to spend more time with my friends and because I was really looking forward to watching 
Secret Life Of Pets. In most parts of the movie I laughed because Snowball is so cute and funny
because he looks so cute and then turns angry. Snowball is my favorite character because he's cute, funny, intelligent in his own ways, confident and many more reasons why. The reason why I broke up the days was because I wanted it to be in order for what I did and Instead of writing reflections for each day and posting it up I decided to write a reflection for each day on a presentation and blog it up after I finish. 

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