Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My Predictions - The Bone Tiki

...The Bone Tiki ...

WALT : Predict on what you think what will happen next in the book that your currently reading .. 

Today im reading the next chapter of The Bone Tiki , the chapter that im up to is chapter 6 and I think its about Matt going with someone somewhere with a girl or boy called Kelly , I think hes with someone because as it says his mouth tastes all sour and has a funny taste in it and it seems like he hasn't brushed his teeth in days , so that gave me a clue that he hasn't been home , In the first paragraph in the book it seems like he misses his dad because the first thing that came in his mind was the dad , after thinking about the dad he started to realise where the tiki is . He starts to get feelings like he lost the bone tiki , but as it said in the first time he stole it from Nanny Wai's funeral that Mat's dad new "important " client needs it badly , if Mat lost it and can't find it then probably something bad will happen to the dad or Mat , The Bone Tiki is tapu ( special ) and if something bad happens to the tiki then as I said something bad might happen to Mat or the dad .. I wonder what will happen next?... 

Please comment .. 


  1. Greetings Irys
    I like the way that you explained what chapter you're up to and what you think will happen next. In your blurb it says that you think he hasn't been home for a while because he is with someone, could he have just eaten something bad? Also if he stole the Bone Tiki, why did he do it?
    Great job on summarising the book it seems very interesting I'd like to read it myself.

  2. Greetings Irys,

    My name is Joseph and I go to Panmure bridge school.
    I really like how you explained what book you read and what chapter you were on. In your next blog post could you put more full stops and less commas. Although great job and keep up the good work.

  3. Kia Ora Irys.
    I like how you explained about your story with detail. What does Predict mean?
    Keep up the great blog posts!

    1. Kia Ora Kaitlyn
      Thanks and Predict means when you are thinking about whats going to happen or whats you thinks going to happen next ..

  4. Greetings Irys
    My name is Julian. I work in LS1, and I am a year 6 at Panmure Bridge school. This book looks quite fascinating to read. I think you should tell us what you learnt and how you learnt it. In your next blog post can you please put more full stop. Keep up the good work

  5. Hello Irys
    My Name is Aung Naing and I go to panmure bridge school,I am a year 6 student. Your book sound interesting. I would like to read it, but on your next Blog post you need to put more full spot.