Sunday, 27 November 2016

How To Be More Resilient.

Learning how to be resilient can help us cope with difficult or stressful situations.

WALT: refelct on what we read in NZ Herald.

Resilience is about being able to cope and adapt to stressful situations . Some poeple seem naturally adepts at "Rolling with the punches " although others can really struggle in times of stress and change that are thrust apon them. Leaving how to boost our reslience equips us to  better rides the invential waves of advertisy that life throws at us. Taking actions even when everything seems to hard. Just finding the right thing to do and then taking actions is powerful. It might not be the thing that solves the whole problem (because such an opition is unlikely to exist) but generating positive energy through taking actions -even imperfect actions- so a sense of momentum blinds and the feels of stuckness dissipates.

What are my goals for next time??
My goals for next time is to write more on what I think on how to be more resilience.
Next goals are to write down what my opinons are about resilience.

My challenges ??
My challenges is that I couldn't really understand where this was coming from but at the end I realized what it was .

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