Monday, 29 May 2017

😊 My Fale 😊

WALT :  Reflect on our goals in Samoan / Maori ..

Today we did our goals in Maori / English / Samoan .. We had to write what people can see whats in us in the outside and what people can't see whats in us on the outside .. We had to explain what the values in Samoan mean to us and how they relate to your  life / goals .. Then write how our future is planned .. Me :  I plan to finish school as a success and finish of university as a achiever , then become a lawyer .. Everyone says that a lawyer is too much but what I see in a lawyer is a hard worker and thats what I plan to be when im older : A hard worker ..

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  1. Don't wait to 'grow up' to start working hard - start now! You can achieve anything with strong foundations and values. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals, Irys. Lelei tele!