Thursday, 8 June 2017

Technology Reflection ..

WALT: Reflect on what we did in Technology ..

Today for Food Technology we made chicken kebab with potato salad .. It took a long time to make it .. Our food that we used was Chicken breast , Potatoes , Mayonnaise  , Carrot and lastly eggs , the equipment that we used was the grater , pots , wooden spoon , bowls and many other equipment . We had to put the potatoes and eggs together to cook so it would  be easier , After all of that we had to make the salad , it look alright I guess , One thing that I think I did well was helping my team out with the cooking and one other thing I need to improve on is helping out with the cleaning and participate more in the cooking more ... Next week we ar baking and i'm hopping the baking is going to be very nice ..


  1. Hello Irys
    I love it that your enjoying your're learning about food technology. The food you guys have been making sounds really nice! This food looks even better than what I eat at home. It's great that you are learning new things, and you're describing what you have used and did in the process. Quick question though, do you know how long it took to cook everything and dish it up? I've attempted to cook food as well, but never succeeded as good as this. Keep up the amazing work!

    - From Panmure Bridge School - Learning Space 1

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  3. Hello Irys.
    My dad really like kebabs.
    What technology system did you use to make the kebabs.
    Keep up the good work.