Thursday, 15 September 2016

No voice

The Worst Day Ever.

Intro: This morning I woke up with no voice. But when I went to sleep I am pretty sure that I had a voice. I wondered what happened when I was sleeping?

Paragraph 1 :
I just woke up and everytime I wake up I say good morning to myself, but when I said good morning I couldn’t hear anything, I was confused because last night I had a voice. So I ran down stairs and started to write down on a piece of paper what just happened right now and showed it to my mum. After showing my mum, my mum took me to the doctors. After waiting for ages like 1 hour for my turn the doctor came and asked for me, when I went with the doctor she checked everything and said that I may have no voice forever, I was upset because next week my school is doing speeches. So I said in my head if I don’t get my voice by Monday I am screwed because if I don’t do speeches my score would be a zero and I don’t want a zero. But the doctor said one way I could get better is rest a lot.

Paragraph 2:
The next hour my mum asked me if I was alright then I wrote down on a paper no I am not alright because I got speeches on Monday and I don’t have the voice to do it and you know what would happen if I don’t do  the speech. My mum thought that I lost my voice because I was probably yelling too much. I tried explaining to her that I am not lying I am telling the truth, 3 hours later she believed me. In my head I was wondering who did this to and how did this happen. I just clicked me , my cousins and sister were playing a game and I think they made me yell a lot last night and I probably forgot when I woke up.

Paragraph 3:
It was 5:00pm when I went up to my cousins and asked them what happen last night, but they didn’t tell I have feeling that they plan everything  last night but who knows. Then they told me what happen and I was happy they told me and glad to have the truth.  After a few minutes my voice slowly started to come back but it wasn’t how I expected it to be, so after a few minutes I had tried my best to not yell at my cousins and sister that much but it was so hard, because I am used to yelling at them. My voice came back nine minutes later, I was happy because I can do speeches which I was nervous about because I never said a speech in front of the whole school. It was a hard day for me today because I had NO VOICE, so I just slept it off until the next morning.

Conclusion: It  was a hard day for me today,I hope I don’t go through this situation again because I can’t survive without a voice. But if I get it again then I  know what to do next time. All I need to do is just sleep and rest it off.

WALT:Use Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation in the right areas.

This narrative story that I made up is all about me having no voice for a whole day, the day was hard because I had no voice at all. I think next time I could spend some more time working on my story.

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