Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Kia Ora.

Today, Half of the Kia Manawanui .Students, have been working on an artwork called "Mauri"..

What does Mauri Mean
(Maori Meaning to ) -Life Force. or Essence.

Where does Mauri come from?
Mauri is naturally in you , being born and living with mauri is a good way to show people who you are , if you actively show who you are your basically showing you are to people 

Why is Mauri important?
It doesnt only keep the legends from the great past known, and our culture alive. But, Mauri guides you to find yourself more and more throughout your journey. It helps you to know who you are(?) and find the kind of person you really are(?).Mauri comes with Mana. And mana comes with respect..To respect Mauri, you need to learn lots about who you are and about your culture. 

What does mauri mean in your context?:
In my opinion: Mauri means finding out, who you are and being yourself. 

Here is the art I have drawn for my Mauri Artwork:

The Tamaki logo represents the school I go to.. 
The infinity sign represents my family and friends ... Uniting: 
The maori and samoan patterns represents my culture 

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