Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mandala Art ..

WALT: Create our own Mandala

For this week we have been learning about mandala's .. We found out facts about them and also did a reflection about it .. Room 10 made a mandala while using classroom equipments ..My mandala that I created means something to me .. Let me explain : The love heart and the arrows means give Aroha (love) to others I put it on there cause I do that to others .. The pluses and the minus means that we sometimes be positive and then we get all angry and do stupid things so it's like a life journey for me cause I been through that ...  The curves means that we have our ups and downs sometimes with people and that's also a life journey for me ..  Lastly I picked the stars because we are all stars .. A few facts about mandala : Mandala means circle and it originates from India ...

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