Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Jewellery design - Design Brief

Today for technology we were finding out what our friends like or what your family members like .. We had to research what kinds of different jewellery . We had to find out what kinds of different types of jewellery there is ..I had to do 3 different slides : Design Brief , What my clients like , Different types of Jewellery .. Today I learn't how to do work the workbook .. Next week I would like to finish my workbook ... 


  1. This is good work today Irys. It gives a good idea about what your client likes and means you are ready for designing something for them.
    Miss Ferguson

  2. Great work, Irys! Great to see that you are not only showing great work habits in Room 10, but out of the class and at Technology too. I am really excited to see what designs you come up with!