Thursday, 1 December 2016

Black Gold Hair Extentions.

WALA: The different events giving on around the world. 

This article is about hair extensions . So it's all about people in Asia and China cutting of girls and womens ponytail off and trading it to other people around China. Also in a billion - dollar human hair trade , ponytails cut from women in the East and sold to women of the west. Most of the hair is grown in China and during the manufacturing process it is disinfected. Each step further erases any trace of it original owner.

I think it's kinda mean how the chinese people cut women and girls ponytails off. As I heard they have no choice they have to cut it off . There is lots of women and girls that want to keep their hair but men in China take their hair away from the women and girls from the East and trades it to the women from the West.
I think the author’s purpose of writing this is because he or she has probably been through this or just know a lot about men in China cutting of women and girls hair. I think the author wrote this article because it’s an interesting fact about China because I never knew about this. I think the author wrote this to make people aware because it might happen with them .

Because people pay other people to do their hair with hair extentions and put on wigs and it is a very high demand because people trade hair to other people in a different area in China. So it's a very high demand because they get money for these hairs.

If this never happen this would never happen to girls and women in China. I think if this never happen people wouldn't know about hair extentions and probably the hair salons wouldn't have enough wigs or extentions because they don't get enough hairs from people in China .

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