Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sports Information Report - The Olympics


The games we play today like soccer , dodgeball and those other sports we love to play and hear about every day on television and radios.Have you ever thought when sports ever started or even why it started.Well I’ll tell all the information you need to know about the beginning of sports.

The time sports and games ever began were in the prehistoric times, when all the people slept in caves wore animal clothing and struggled to hunt for food in their times,commonly known as cavemen.For the cavemen to survive out in the wild they would need to have lots of skills such as running, throwing,strength and been able to work as a team with others.These prehistoric people had to keep fit and strong so they would play games and tests like races to see who’s the fastest, who’s most accurate and the best at throwing spears over long distances.

In ancient Greece sport carnivals started to take place in 1700 BC which is close to 4000 years ago.Men only went to these kind of shows and competitions to show how strong and  good at sports they are.Since sports was a thing Athletics and Gymnastics became very popular.then the greeks  realised that  playing alot of sports help others to be fit and think clearly.So sporting champions were treted as heroes.Then the greeks began tournaments known as Olympics in 776 BC.The olympipcs started of with 5 main sports ,racing , leaping, javelin,discus and wrestling.Later on games like boxing and chariot were added in the olympic games.Because the olympics were so popular and important even the war would stop while it is in progress.Then the greeks built stadiums like the coloseumm for playing sports and the olympics.Before teen aged boys went to war they would play a game of basket ball in public bath rooms.

Hundreds of years ago the men who fought for their king,queen or country were called knights. Knights needed to have good fighting skills,so they practice their skills at the tournament.  Jousting the one  of the most popular and colourful event  these tournaments. To knights on horseback charged at each other to the ground with a long pole  ,or jousting stick . The knights tested other skills too such as sword fighting, archery, the use of special club called  a” mace”.

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