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Ancient Vs Modern Olympic Games

Ancient Vs Modern Olympic Games

I am going to be talking about what is the difference between the ancient and modern times of the olympics.

In the ancient times it all started in 1895. In the ancient olympics they played  Archery,Badminton, Canoe Sprint, Diving, Handball and many more. In the ancient time they didn’t  have technology to mark up all of the scores and calculate all of the scores. In ancient times they  only allowed people of greek descents to participate  but only a few hundred were allowed to participate. That is quite different from the situation today.

In the modern time we still do the same games as the Ancient time, but it is different because now we use technology to calculate all of the points and other things too. The modern olympic games include the games of the olympiad ( summer games)  and the olympic winter games. The first edition of the modern games was first held in 1896 in Athens (Greece), and the first olympic winter games in 1924 in Chamonix (France). In every olympic games they include one more sport. This year they have included golf in the Rio Olympics 2016.

The ancient and modern games were both held every four years. They both had Boxing, Pentathlon and Wrestling.  In the moderns they also do discus, Javelin and many more. Also the winners always seem to get the highest honors. The thing that was good about both olympics is that  victory was greatly rewarded.  Many people all around the world came to watch and international sports competition always made money for people especially sports sponsorship.

In the modern olympics they did a lot of games especially the ancient olympics, they did Archery, Boxing, Wrestling and others. They both had their reward which was victory and they also had people come to the games from all over the world. However I would like to see the ancient games carry on without all of the new technology because it takes up all of our time.

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