Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Maths With Ms Pine

Math with Miss Pine
WALT: Use fractions to solve our problems

Today Miss Pine came to room 9 to teach us about fractions. Ms Pine put us in groups of 4 and gave us a sheet of paper that has our equation. On the sheet of paper had different activities of what children have to do for camp, for the camp activity they had to share out chocolate bars for the snack. For the equation we had to share out the chocolate bars equally to each other in the groups. In my group I had Nita , Kenneth, Mana, Nooroa .
I contribute in the group by helping my group out solving the equation.

Miss Pine gave each group a problem to solve.
The problem she gave us was: Eight chocolate bars shared equally to 5 children.

Each child gets 1 bar each
Then there's 3 bars left
We cut the 3 bars into fifths
Then each child got 1 fifth each from each

After that altogether each child got 1 ⅗ each
Answer: 8÷5=1 ⅗

My highlight of today was when we finally got the answer with Ms Pine's help

This is my reflection on what I did for maths today with Ms Pine.

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