Tuesday, 21 June 2016

It Is Ok To Be DIfferent

WALT: Respond to a text.

I can explain and respond to a key idea in the text.

“It is ok to be different.”

In “My name is Mina” Mina got bullied because she was different to the popular people. But she just stayed true to herself and told herself that being different is awesome. For her she didn’t have to be the same as the popular people - all she wanted was to be herself. In Mina’s head she didn’t like being the same as the cool kids, even if she was ugly she still kept her head high and she didn’t let anyone get her down.

To me, being different is awesome. You don’t have to be the same as the person that you hang out with or your friends. It is your personality that is important, and not your friends or the people you hang out with. Some people that you hang out with or be friends with sometimes get jealous of what you have in yourself. If I was different to others, I would have been really smart right now and focusing on my own things and my education instead of mucking around and butting into other things.

I think this doesn’t relate to Mina because she doesn’t do what I do - all she does is focus on her own things and she doesn’t muck around. I feel like from now on I should be more like Mina instead of plain old Irys. The person I am now is nothing I expected, but right now I really want to be more like Mina because she smart, intelligent and she doesn’t care what people think of her. But me I always care of what people think of me and I am not smart also I am not intelligent.

This book inspired me to be true to myself and Mina made me get a goal and that goal is focusing on my school work instead of focus on my friends. There is one thing that me and Mina have in common and that is a good friend.  

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