Monday, 4 April 2016

Toy Tester

Word bank:

Ushered, Examine , Moaned , Concerned.

Examine- Inspect someone or something in order to determine their nature .

Moaned-  Making a long,low sound expressing their physical or mental suffering.

Ushered.- Show or guide someone somewhere

Concerned - Means worried , troubled or anxious.

Facts about electronic toys:

  • The reason why companies make electronic toys is because in the olden days people didn’t have enough wires for toys. But now we have a lot of wires and that is how we get our electronic toys.

  • Another reason why is because when the companies created their first electronic toys they heard that people kept on buying it and buying it and none of the toys got given back so they kept on making the toys ever since then.

  • Some of the toys that the companies made have been returned back to stores because the toys either didn’t work or had been turning off and on.

  • There is a lot of toys around the world, like toys that are suitable for babies, toddlers, young children and teenagers.

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